“Chi pensa al mare sente il suo mormorio anche nell’entroterra”
 With this claim AQA is proud to present what it seems to be its best asset, the shipyard.
Its Located in the heart of the natural reserve of Fiumicino, in a place called “Capo Due Rami”, distant few minutes from the International airport, THE SHIPYARD expands for more than 10,000 meters on the right side of Tevere river, including the high technological industrial area and the customer reception, taking in strong consideration the surrounding   natural environment.
In the area it is also present a wood-made pier with electricity and water supply, that allows docking up to 25 boats. It takes few minutes to reach the mouth of the river, and then you will be ready to navigate to the most desirables summer locations as Sardinia, Capri and Ponza isles.




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