“AQA” concept belongs to the passion for the sea of its two founders, with the shared objective to make it not only an international brand synonymous of elegance, comfort as well as practicality, but also a renewed concept of “living the sea”. The aim of the company is to create yachts, which correspond completely to the benchmark of “made in Italy” for either quality of materials and boats functionality, focused particularly in terms of price performance.
It has been possible to reach these results thanks to the AQA team’s experience and professionalism, features built working in an important Italian shipyard during last years, which both attest the realization of Open Yachts with high security and reliability standards.
Our mission, with a Customer target of young and classy clients, is to aggregate Open Yachts lovers around shared values, which make us unique and easily recognizable all around the world.
To enjoy the extraordinary landscapes, that only nature can offer.








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