55 range

Shaping the future

Following an ambitious internationalization plan of the firm, the AQA team is proud to introduce its new project, targeted to the foreign markets, created ex-novo from a well-known Italian naval architect.
AQA 55 is mainly born for satisfying the foreign markets that always require less sporting and more habitable boats, often used  “OFTEN USED FOR FORMAL EVENTS”.
The fluid lines and the futuristic “ vertical” bow gives a” contemporary design” imprint, together with a complete revisiting of the spaces, where the bow becomes the Fulcrum, presenting a spacious sun pad, convertible to an outside table.
The boat is conceived as an open space, thank to a system of inside passages that facilitates the access to the bow and to the insides, and thanks to the broad glass door that grants a privileged sight to 360 degrees.
Moreover, it is also revisited the ancient concept of "fly-deck", easily attainable through a comfortable stairway, which introduces a spacious sun pad over that the posting of command.
With a total length of 17 meters, AQA 55 can entertain up to 14 people excluding the crew, redefining the concept of luxury boat, focusing itself on smaller dimensions in comparison to its competitors, but perfectly responding to the needs and habits of the costumer target, an international and high-level clientele, that perceive the "made in Italy” as an essential value.

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