TUNDER 35 - 2017

New 35 Tender



The new motor yacht AQA 35’ design 2016 offers the user a 360-degree experience of the sea which is truly unique for a vessel of its kind. With a classic Italian design that re-defines the Open Yacht concept, its primary aim is to offer sturdiness and durability, without comprising on style.
At 11 metres long, 35’ Tender can transport up to eight passengers thanks to a generous cockpit that hosts a sun lounge area and outdoor table in addition to the control station. Its most notable innovations are the open stern and broad windscreen, which accentuate the boat’s dynamic character and slender design.
35’ Tender is safe, easy to pilot and demonstrates impressive environmental credentials thanks to a new generation Volvo Penta engine ensuring low fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact.  
In order to ensure maximum quality, the AQA team is engaged in the continuous development of the construction process and the sourcing of innovative materials such as the use of Carbon fiber which, when fixed to critical points on the hull, can achieve greater power and speed. In order to offer a vessel tailored to the specifications of its owner, AQA offers an exclusive bespoke service throughout the entire design process, from the colour of the hull and choice of wood for the deck, to the various elements of interior design within.












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Tunder 35

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